Design your own socks | Your color, logo, name, design | Starting at $4,00/pair


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About us

We at personalizedteamsocks help groups of all sorts create their own custom clothing in a streamlined, easy-to-use process. Whether you’re looking for sport socks , school socks, business related products or personalised items for special events- our goal is to promote your team spirit and elevate your experience.

Our top-quality knitted in the process designs and services make us the ideal destination for your team’s personalized gear. We have been operating as an independent business unit of a socks factory in Cambodia since 2020. Your satisfaction is one of our top priorities, and we are happy to be able to rely on a wealth of resources and know-how we can source from our experiences as a sock factory since 2005.

Since our establishment we have seen fast, steady growth and expanded into a global business. We have dedicated ourselves to continuously finding creative ways to improve the design process of your custom clothing, offering a user-friendly experience for your team.