Design your own socks | Your color, logo, name, design | Starting at $4,00/pair


Personalized Team Socks prides itself on creating quality socks that are durable. While the socks will shrink slightly, our nylon blend ensures that no logos or colors will fade, and your socks will stand the test of time (and laundry).
Logos can have a maximum of four colors per sock. If you have a special request, contact our team at and we will try our best to assist you.
Email us a .jpg or .pdf file of the logo you desire for review by our sock specialists. Please provide the style and size of sock on which you would like your logo. NOTE – We do not screen print or embroidery logos on socks. The sock knitting process uses larger needles than embroidery that results in a pixelated stitch pattern. This process makes for durable custom socks but comes with its limitations. Designs are knit into the sock itself not applied on, so simple logos and text work best. Please view our logo library for examples and ideas.
No, Personalized Team Socks does not do any sock printing or sublimation. We use knitting machines to produce all our socks because it offers the best quality and durability.
The types of socks that Personalized Team Socks offers differ based on the material used and how the sock is built.   Our Knee-high Sports Socks are made from 92% nylon and 8% Lycra spandex. They are knitted specifically to have micro mesh venting ankle support and a flat toe seam for added comfort   Most of our row-rise, ankle and crew length socks are made from 80% combed cotton 18% nylon and 2% Lycra spandex.  Our  socks are also made using a higher gauge needle machine which allows for more complex logos and a tighter knit.