Design your own socks | Your color, logo, name, design | Starting at $4,00/pair



If you’re planning a fundraiser for a high school team or club, don’t settle for the same boring fundraising ideas you’ve seen for years.

At Personalized Team Socks, we’ll work with you to create a fun and unique fundraiser that friends and families will love. The best part about a sock fundraiser? Everybody needs them!

Personalized Team Socks is here to make sure you reach your fundraising goal.

We have crafted our process to make managing your fundraiser as easy as possible.

  1. Choose your sock type and design your socks
  2. Receive an art proof within 48 hours and approve
  3. Personalized Team Socks creates a custom landing page for your fundraiser
  4. Share your custom URL and start to raise money!

Once your team fundraiser is complete, our system will automatically tally all the orders (quantities and sizes). Your order is placed, and all of the socks get shipped directly to you for disbursement.

We offer our custom-made socks at a reasonable price so you can turn around and sell them for a few dollars more. And the more socks you order, the better price you will get! Your organization can then use the extra funds to purchase equipment, uniforms, travel arrangements or anything else.

Sports Fundraising

Instead of your typical bake sale or car wash, raise funds in a unique way this sports season. You can design custom socks for younger students while also designing custom socks for parents or teachers.

By having a custom URL and landing page for your fundraiser, it becomes that much easier to market it in your community. Share it across your social media channels, reach out to organizations and send out email blasts.

By allowing people to simply click on a link and complete their purchase online, you make it that much easier for them to support the cause.

Custom socks raise spirits and inspire people who see them to join the cause. Whether you’re raising money for a school sports team, charity or anything else, custom socks are the perfect fundraising idea.

Start designing your fundraiser socks by contacting us either by phone (+855-882-800-600) or by email (