Design your own socks | Your color, logo, name, design | Starting at $4,00/pair

Sock colors and materials

Sock colors & materials

Color chart

We provide a wide range of colors to use for your sock designs.

Please note that you can use a maximum of 5 colors per sock design. This includes colors inside the logo. Our artists will modify your logo so it can be used on your custom socks. See our logo guide for more details on this.

We actually have access to over 1000 colors – so please let us know if you wish to match colors to your current logo or uniform.

Personalied Team Socks Color chart

Important: Colors on mockups are a close representation of the final product as colors may vary based on your monitor’s brightness, contrast and color adjustment settings.

Sock materials

Our Personalized Team Socks are either made with a 92% Nylon & 8% Elastic blend or are made with 80% cotton & 20% Nylon & Elastic blend.

This provides for a comfortable fit, durability and performance. 

Note that our athletic socks will have slight compression to aid in your athletic performance by supporting your feet, legs and muscles.